Every data system reaches the end of its life cycle sooner or later. Users’ demands, aging technology, and a variety of other reasons force system renewals.

The migration of the system and its data storage onto a platform complying with new requirements preserves the basic functionality and data as the heart of the new, developing system. The earlier investments do not go to waste. FSC uses Anubex', Cobol-IT's and HTWC's efficient, automated methods and tools in the management and implementation of the conversion project. A well-planned and automated migration of a data system enables economical and fast utilization of the new technology, without disturbing daily business operations.

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About migration

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The Anubex Migrations Concept
Anubex' project methodology that can be applied to the migration of legacy systems on any hardware environment.

The Economics of Migration
Learn how migration can save your organisation money.

Chickens and turkeys migrate
A comparison of two legacy reengineering methodologies.

IDMS Migration
The Anubex migration solution for IDMS.


City of Brussels, Belgium
IDMS --> Win/Java/Oracle

New Mexico Taxation Department, USA
IDMS/DB --> SQL Server .

A dutch law firm, Netherlands
VB6/Oracle --> VB.NET/SQL Server

LCM, Belgium
BS2000/UDS --> HPUX/Oracle

Banca March, Spain

Ministry of Finance France
IDMS --> Oracle