Integration projects

Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste: Noutopiste

FSC has created and implemented a new internet service together with Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste. This service is called Noutopiste. Through Noutopiste ( you can order the latest issue of any magazine that is sold by Lehtipiste for the nearest R-kioski. You can pick the magazine up after a couple of days. The service itself is free of charge and you pay for the magazine when you pick it up.

The database interface implemented by FSC, through which the IDMS database and the server are able to communicate, makes this service possible. When a customer chooses a magazine, the program checks its availability and delivery schedules from the database and notifies her/him. When the order is confirmed, the delivery information goes out from the internet server through the IDMS database to the warehouse for delivery.

Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste: Myytie

FSC planned and implemented a browser-based application in Java for Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste. It is sales data browsing called MYYTIE. With this application the publishers can browse the operative IDMS database of Lehtipiste for the sales information of their magazines.


  • Transfer of the sales details from a retail chain's cash registers to the business management system of a wholesale company