Migration projects

Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste: Year 2000 conversion

The Year 2000 conversion of the Single Copy System was a massive project. Six FSC consultants took part in it along with Rautakirja's own application experts. The analyzing, designing, project management and implementation were the responsibility of FSC.

IT Director Jaakko Vuorinen:
"The most important software application for Lehtipiste's business is the Single Copy System. Its Year 2000 conversion was produced in cooperation with FSC Ltd's experts. With the analysis and conversion tools developed by FSC Ltd. and their experienced professionals, we kept this extensive project under control. As a result of this project, the sales of single copies can continue without interruption during the next millennium."

Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste: Nupija

FSC designed and implemented an application called Nupija to help the work of Rautakirja's sales agents. This browser-based application uses Oracle databases and it was done in Java environment. The new application replaced the old IDMS-based application.


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