Rautakirja Group / Lehtipiste outsourced the maintenance of Irfo to FSC

The maintenance of Lehtipiste’s single-copy system Irfo was outsourced from April 1, 2006 to Finnish Support Center FSC Ltd. This action will secure trouble-free operations at Lehtipiste in all circumstances. Lehtipiste

"Single-copy management system Irfo is the most essential system of Lehtipiste",
says Jaakko Vuorinen, the Data Management Director of Lehtipiste.
"This solution will enable the IT department of Lehtipiste to fully focus on developing the new business management system Elmo."

FSC is responsible for the operation of all databases and applications of Irfo and for its development. The development work includes the application changes necessary for the business activities of Lehtipiste and the construction of interfaces to applications operating on other platforms. In addition, FSC participates in the development of Lehtipiste’s new projects, such as the design and implementation of data conversion between Irfo and Elmo.

Systems analysts Kari Schalin and Toivo Pitkäaho, working in the Lehtipiste’s IT department, are transferring to FSC’s service. systems analyst Pentti Lehtimaa from Lehtipiste’s IT department will work as a member of the FSC maintenance team.

Since its foundation, FSC has cooperated with Lehtipiste. The largest mutual project so far has been the Y2000 conversion of Irfo, while the most visible has been Noutopiste, a web-based ordering system for single copies.