FSC trusts in the solutions of Cobol-IT and HTWC

FSC Ltd’s partner Cobol-IT is a provider of Open source Cobol environment developed for professional use and an expert in enterprise application modernization. Cobol-IT delivers customer-oriented cost-effective solutions even for the most challenging projects. We present below some fresh, interesting cases which Cobol-IT solved with its partner HTWC.

The globally operating Amsterdam company Royal AHOLD is in charge of the logistics operations of an extensive grocery business with its 120 000 employees. Transmitting the company’s key application from a z/OS mainframe environment to a Sun Solaris platform was essential because of the high maintenance and licence costs as well as the extension and development limits of the platform.

The system modernizaton project of Royal AHOLD was carried out in half a year. Due to the extension of the network it was absolutely important that the operations were not run down at any stage, at which Cobol-IT and HTWC succeeded perfectly. The advantages of the present situation include considerable economic savings (calculated to be worth one million euros per year) as well as new adaptability and user-friendliness of the system.

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Also iPost that is in charge of certain economic functions of the state of Italy aimed to achieve remarkable cost savings with its system modernization. The organization of 150 000 employees had already been migrated to an open HP-UX system, so the challenge for Cobol-IT was to build an even more cost-effective solution.

Other things to take into account in connection with the iPost project were the need for easy modifiability, extensibility and performance. In a company that performs statutory functions, uninterrupted work is essential as well. The goals were achieved with the help of Linux Redhat. The final annual savings amount up to 70 % and, therefore, the company can well anticipate IT budget needs for future years.

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In both of these two successful migrationprojects were XFRAME -solution from HTWC used.

XFRAME Platform Modernization
XFRAME Product Datasheet

FSC Ltd delivers Cobol-IT solutions in Finland and the other Nordic countries. The renewal of your company’s data system to meet modern demands is an essential part of securing your business.

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