At the beginning of the ‘90s, international software companies started to centralize their functions in large European support centers, thus leaving their Finnish customers without local assistance. To fix this problem, five IT consultants of long experience founded Finnish Support Center FSC Ltd in the spring of 1993.

Our professional skills, built up over decades, and our ability to react quickly to customers’ problems were much sought after. FSC entered into significant support service contracts with large Finnish companies and participated in vast information system projects in Finland as well as in other Nordic countries.

During the ”crazy years” of the ‘90s we did not fall victim to the hype, but concentrated on our basic expertise: the management and development of mainframe-based data systems that control the operations of companies.

Towards the year 2000, it became obvious that the systems were not able to manage the transition to the new millennium without large conversions. Expertise in tools that had already been declared redundant, including MVS, Cobol and IDMS, was still needed. FSC Ltd was ready to provide their expertise and skills.

In the 2000s, we have focused on system migrations: the renewal of mainframe-based data storages and applications and making them accessible to a wider range of users.

We firmly believe that there is a need for specialized IT service companies in the future. Therefore, the history of FSC has not nearly come to an end.